How we find the best medical professionals.

Understanding…We know what it means when you take the time to call for help. Take a look at our Quality Assurance/Screening Procedures and you’ll see that we’re serious about ensuring that your department has the right professionals, with the right skill mix, at the right time.

All MedSource professionals are fully screened, credentialed and guaranteed, as described below:

  • Comprehensive Skills Inventories specific to the healthcare professional’s temporary position are provided for each candidate.
  • Pre-employment drug screening is conducted where required by state or facility.
  • Criminal background checks are conducted where required by state or facility.
  • MedSource will provide a current physician’s statement, immunization records, including MMR, Tubercular Screening, Hepatitis B, Varicella and others where required.
  • All of our temporary employees are insured for malpractice and liability; documentation will be provided by our carrier at your request.
  • Healthcare professionals provided by MedSource are employees and therefore covered by Worker’s Compensation and unemployment insurance.
  • MedSource will provide a minimum of two (2) work-related references, by past supervisors, managers, doctors and/or other relevant personnel. Telephone numbers will be provided for all references to accommodate facility’s desire to independently check references.
  • MedSource will provide copies of current required state licensure and conduct license verification.
  • Current copies of national registration or certification (ARRT, ASCP, NMTCB, ARDMS, RRT, etc.) will be provided upon request.
  • Proof of current CPR certification is provided (or ACLS, NRP, PALS, TNCC, etc.) as required.
  • OSHA mandates, in addition to age-specific competencies, if applicable and when appropriate.
  • In compliance with JCAHO regulations a follow-up employment evaluation will be provided for all medical personnel.