patient care & safety reporting

If any employee has any concerns about patient care or unsafe practices in the workplace, MedSource, a travel nurse company, encourages and highly recommends for you to contact our Safety Officer. If at any time employee feels that their concerns are not being addressed please do not hesitate to contact any member of our travel nurse company management Team. Our goal unlike some travel nurse agencies is to uphold the highest level of patient care & safety. Other travel nursing companies may not have accessible reporting channels.

Travel nursing opportunities come with the responsibility of providing patients with care & safety. If you have any concerns about the treatment patients are receiving while fulfilling travel nursing opportunities or any medical position, please contact MedSource, The Joint Commission or another Joint Commission Certified Travel Nurse Agencies and Travel Nurse Companies / Allied Health Companies to let them know.

Tracy Sullivan Hall, SICP/MGRM (ext. 1002, )

We also encourage you to contact the Joint Commission if you feel that your concerns are not being addressed or are beyond the control of our staffing firm’s capabilities.

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